Terms of Service

The terms “we“, “us” and “our” refer to Warrier Family Dentistry. The term “you” refers to the Partner (the Marketing Partner / the Reseller).

The Terms of Service put forth are applicable from 01-Jan-2018 and form a legally binding agreement between you and Warrier Family Dentistry for the governance of usage of the website and its services. Your use of this website and its services is deemed to be your acknowledgement and agreement. You acknowledge and agree to our terms put forth, our Disclaimer and our Privacy Policy.

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The terms of service are subject to change from time to time. It is your responsibility to visit the terms of service from time to time and observe any changes.

Liability of information submitted

  • That you are responsible for such submission, including copyright ownership, correctness and relevance of the information and legality of the information.
  • That you are responsible to determine what portions of the information is legal vs illegal and what portions of information is confidential vs general.
  • That you are liable for any damage that may result from theft, misuse, copyright infringement or damage of the information submitted by you.

Unless explicitly stated by you as confidential, we shall treat all information submitted by you as public/non-confidential and will share the information with our developers in order to complete the service. Such information may include work scope, the intended use of service, cost/price information and associated content. You agree and acknowledge that you will explicitly state if you need your information to be maintained confidentially.

Eligibility of use

By using chessklub.com and the associated services, you acknowledge and agree the following:

  • That you are 18 years or older.
  • That you will use the services for legal and ethical purposes and do not violate the applicable regulatory or statutory requirements of your region or state.
  • That the information you provide us is true to the best of your knowledge.
  • That you will notify us if the information you provided us has changed.
  • That you will not re-use the content of our website (e.g. images, pages, logo, copyrighted information, etc.)elsewhere or reuse/re-engineer for use elsewhere without our explicit permission.
  • That you acknowledge and agree that you have no right or interest on the content of our website.
  • That you will not engage in defamation, racism, abuse, intimation, harassment, use of explicit language or violation of legal rights when it comes to our associates and developers.
  • That you will not post any message that is sexual, obscene, abusive or racist in nature.
  • That you will not engage in illicit internet practices such as spamming, sending junk mails or other illegal internet marketing practice.
  • That you will not carry out any activity that may hamper the performance of our website.


If we believe that you do not comply with the above stated requirements, Warrier Family Dentistry reserves the right to terminate your use of our services, to inform such actions to legal agencies or law enforcement authorities and shall cooperate with them during investigation. You agree and acknowledge that you will be held responsible for not complying with the above stated conditions and that Warrier Family Dentistry (its founders, co-founders, managers, accountants, legal representatives, developers, suppliers and partners) will not be responsible for any damages, liabilities or legal expenses arising out of our claim to dispute non-compliance of the above stated conditions.

Proprietary Rights

Warrier Family Dentistry is the sole owner of all information visible on this website, including Logos, Images, Videos, Posts, Testimonials and other text content. Any re-use, reproduction, sharing, distribution, modification, re-engineering of the information on this website without the express written approval from Warrier Family Dentistry is prohibited.

If you have any questions or need further clarity on any of our terms, please write to us at records@warrierdentistry.com