You and Your family’s safety comes first!

Advanced Covid Protection Plan for Safe Stress-Free Dental  Care

Covid-19 Free Dental Clinic in South Charlotte

We have made our office the safest dental clinic in the locality. We are going a step ahead of the safety standards set up by Centers for Disease Control (CDC), providing you the best dental care with highest levels of protection.

Multi-layered protection for extra safety and care – Each step is our way to show we care for you:

  • Advanced Air Management- Protects you from air-borne pathogens and respiratory viruses
  • Social Distancing- Space, so we can all be closer together, longer! Avoiding individual transmission
  • State-of-the-art PPE- We are committed to protecting our patients from cross-contamination


All our team members, patients and guests entering our premises are screened for your safety

Warrier Family Dentistry

Committed to safety and dental hygiene of the entire community.